Partie cycles du yamaha blaster

Partie Cycle


Dimensions des jantes

10X5 : 10 est le diamètre de la jante en pouce, 5 est sa largeur

4x144 : 4 représente le nombre de trous percé sur la jante et 144 (mm) l’entraxe entre 2 trous

 Dimensions des pneus

Sur le flanc on peut lire différente valeur qui indique la dimension du pneu :

21X7-10 : 21 représente de diamètre extérieur du pneu en pouce (1 pouce = 2,54cm), 7 représente la largeur et 10 le diamètre intérieur


Dinobot’s Heritage

Chapter 4: Revelations

Three months later

Rattrap was worried. He hadn’t been able to get close enough or even talk to the Clone since their last encounter and it was almost two months. He had a plan to makes the bot’s true personality came to the surface, but he needed to be in close proximity to him for a breem, in the least. And the worst was that he was confined to base now, because he was so far in his pregnancy. At 8 months along he had get so big that he had a bit of troubles moving around for longer then a mega-cycle at a time. And he still had one more month to go… That was a real pain in the aft.

But he hadn’t abandoned yet. He could not abandon right now! And even more now that he knew why Cheetor was linked with Megatron, from all mech! The young cheetah had gone by himself to know what was going on and why he was linked to the Predacon’s leader. And he had to get himself caught by the Preds, of course… And Megatron told him a very interesting story. Cheetor had told him what had been said as best he could, but what the rat understood was that the mech had a very… Intimate relationship with the Predacon.

NO! Not THAT kind of relationship!

But that was even worst. When he came back after two days, he was a mess, and Optimus had to wrench the thrust out of him about what happened. And now, he and Optimus were the only own o knows… Appart for the Predacon Leader. And it was doubtful than the mech’ll tell any of it to his men. They are a bunch of idiots anyway…

You see, Cheetor’s an orphanaged kid whom was taken under Optimus’s care when he was still very young. He never knew his parents. He always considered Optimus as his father, and the mech did makes a good father figure, but he was curious. He always wanted to know who his real parents were, and he did some researches whemn still on Cybertron, without any results.

Well, now he had results… And he would’ve preferred to never know!

What Rattrap understood about the bond, the link he was sharing with the Dinobot clone, was that it had to be SOMETHING there to begin with for it be created. It don’t just pop out of nowhere. And as I was bonded to the previous, the REAL Dinobot, something of the bond remained on his clone, even if he had only half a spark, and that spark wasn’t even his own. But it was still there, faint and weak, but there nonetheless, and it was the main reason why the clone was so confused all the time, and avoided Rattrap like the rust Plague.

For Cheetor and Megatron, that was something like that, but of a different kind. That’s a creator-creation bond, a dormant and forgotten one; they had shared for so long without the both of them knowing. And when Cheetor was submitted to this transwarp ray, this weird machine, that created Dinobot’s clone, for the briefest moment, a ray hit megatron when he was still trapped into the machine and that bond was awoken. It wasn’t created, no; it was there to begin with! Always had been.

Because Megatron was Cheetor’s real father-creator.

And when he was briefly captured by the preds a month earlier, Megatron took a great pleasure in tormenting the youngling by telling him the truth. A truth he just discovered himself and had every intentions of using to his own personal advantage…

Here’s the story as he told them after some convincing.


Cheetor awoken in a dank, cold cell, and looked around with pain and confusion, He yelped as he felt the pain in his damaged legs when he tried to move them. And he groaned, slowly getting into a sitting position. He was still in robot mode, and could see that he was in the lovely, warm and welcoming Predacon’d brig, in the Darksyde.

“Lovely…” he muttered, growling low in annoyance. “Now I have to get outta here fast!”

He tried to pull on the cell bars, cut through them, even transform and chew at them to break them but they were solid metal bars and even his Transmetal 2 teeth couldn’t cut through this. It was a couple of hours later than he felt than someone was coming. And not anyone but Megatron himself. He could sense him, and that made his shudder deeply. He felt it on his spark, the coldness and sadism of the mech… It was almost overwhelming at times. And then the door opened and, just as he had knew it was him, Megatron came in the room and flew to the cell he was in.

“What havw we here? A little lost kitty, yesss…” He snickered and Cheetor only stared back.

“What do you want, Mega-Butt! You better let me go before my friend come and kick your slimy aft!”

“Tssk tssk… Such filthy language… I’ll have to wash your mouth, youngling.” Megatron chuckled darkly with glee and Cheetor shuddered.

There was something else in the predacon’s tune, something that he knew and didn’t tell just yet, and the young mech didn’t like it one bit. He just returned the glare and growled, baring his fangs as he was now in Beast Mode. And Megatron seeing theis, laughed and ‘tssk’ed him again like he would a wayward child. That made Cheetor’s uneasiness even deeper.

“What do you want with me, Megatron? Spit it, for Primus’s sake!” he finally snapped and then recoiled with a deep hiss, acting like an angry cat.

Megatron laughed again and circled the cage for a long time, saying nothing but studying the imprisoned young mech from every angle possible before he stopped in front of the cage again and he had a very nasty, unfriendly smile plastered on his faceplates.

“You don’t remember a thing about your creators, Cheetor, am I right? Yeesss… I know you don’t you’re a poor little orphanage sparkling that Primal took pity on and took home.”

Now the kitty cat was a little worried. What did Megatron was trying to tell him? He didn’t like what he was hearing.

“How do you know this?” he asked with a hint of fear. He didn’t want to hear the rest but something was pulling him to do so. “How do you know I don’t know my parents? No one but Optimus knows…”

Megatron came closer to the bars and stuck his facepate inches from the young mech, a twisted smile gracing it. He stayed like this for a moment and Cheetor’s uneasiness only grew. What the frag was going on?!

“Yeesss… I can feel your fear and your confusion, youngling. And I can feel and see many things that are in your Spark, Cheetor. I know your spark, young mech… Yeesss…”

Now Cheetor was trying to close his audio to what the mech was about to say next because he had a chilling feeling about it. He knew exactly what was about to be said. And he didn’t want to hear it, because, as they say, the truth hurts sometimes…

“You never knew who your parents are, nooo… You never knew because I took care of it! I didn’t want anyone to know that… I am your father-creator, Cheetor. Yeesss…”

The young mech’s spark sinks in his casing and he shook his head in total and complete denial. No, that wasn’t possible! His creators were deactivated, both of them! That was what Optimus told him!

“NO, YOU’RE LYING! My creators are deactivated! Optimus told me so! He took me under his wing after they died in an accident! IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!”

He was freaking out big time… and Megatron was taking great pleasure at seeing the smaller mech weep and scream in denial. And he pushed the nail even deeper then.

“No, I am not. The creators you knew and that were killed in this accident were the one that I choose to take care of you right after you were sparked.”

Cheetor felt his spark rip in two in his spark. Was everything he knew a lie? What if Megatron was telling the truth? What if all his life was nothing but a big lie? He curled in the back of the cage and keened deeply, distressed now, and Megatron only watched him, waiting and observing. He wasn’t boasting and mocking him… Why? Megatron was NOT kind or understanding! He was mean and cruel! He searched in his spark and felt it again. The bond with Megatron was still there, and stronger than ever now that he was so close to the tyrant. And it was right there… he realised that it had always been there, but he just never realised this before. It was only reactivated by the transwarpe surge that hit them beoth that fateful night.

It was true… All of this, it was true! He felt it in his spark, and it was a painful realisation. Did Optimus know? Something was telling him he didn’t… After a long time, Cheetor could gather his wits again and asked another question.

“And… What about… My mother? Who… Who was he? I…” he sighed and sobbed a little more before managing to finish. “I need to know…”

“Haa, your mother… Yeesss… Are you sure you want to know?” he snickered and the younger mech nodded weakly.

“Yes, I am… Please? Just… tell me!”

“Very well…” He said and then stayed silent for a moment, like if he wanted to deepen the suspense willingly. “Your mother-creator was one of my men until very recently… You know him quite well! And, to be very clear, your creation was an accident! That had never been my intention… Not with that treacherous scumbag, anyway!”

Cheetor was both intrigued and dreading what he was about to hear. And he had a little idea of who it was already… He only knew two mechs working under Megatron’s rule and who died a shot time ago. When the transwarp wave hit the planet, to be precise… Scorponok and Terrorsaur! And the former was way too loyal to be called treacherous by Megatron, which left only one possibility…

“Yeesss…” The large mech said as he saw the realisation in the younger mech’s optics. “Now you understand. Terrorsaur managed to hide the fact that he was carrying from me almost to the term, but I discovered it, yeesss… And I forced him to abandoned the sparkling – you! – and I let him with some loyal friends of mine…”

“So that’s why Terrorsaur was so eager to betray and backstab you, is it?...” he asked as he understood even more. “You forced him to throw a sparkling away because you didn,t wanted it around… You bastard! We may be linked in some way, but I’ll never call you my father!”

Megatron laughed and then he let the youngling alone, leaving the room without saying another word. It was almost a day later then the young cheetah managed to find a way to escape all on his own as the rest of the maximals were looking for him. And when he was found, the poor youngling was a mess. He was really depressed and hurt. Not physically but psychologically, it was something else… And rattrap does his best to help him after he tore the truth out of him.

**End flashback**

When a loud explosion was heard outside of the base and shook the walls of the cave, Rattrap was wrenched out of his musing and looked around in a bit of worry. He was alone with Rhinox at the time because the others were somewhere else fighting a threat that, as it was becoming clear now, had probably been made up by the Predacons from the very beginning.

“Ho man… Jus when we are undermanned… Filthy preds!”

Rhinox thrown him a gun and Rattrap leapt behind a crate when the door was blown to pieces by a particularly hard hit. He aimed and waited for the first pred to show his ugly mug and blast it to kingdom come! The first to come in was that trigger-happy fool, Quickstrike, and as expected, he was hit by the trap set near the entrance of the base.

“HA! Serves him right! Idiot…” Muttered rattrap and he heard Rhinox laugh a bit. He was glad his trap worked.

But now they were more or less trapped like rats in a sinking boat. And the preds were swarming the place quickly. Rattrap tried to stay as hidden as possible, protective instincts for the sparkling he was carrying kicking in, and he moved from one hidden spot to another, his sharpshooting really useful in such situations. He felt a movement in his belly but he was too busy trying to stay in one piece to really comfort the little one. He sent him reassurance and love through the bond, though, and could feel his worry and fear and distress. It made him even more focussed in chasing the preds away and the little mech fired a row of deadly aimed shots at megatron, whom flew away a couple of feets….

Until he felt claws on his shoulders and heard a hiss in his audio. A very familiar and chilling hiss…

Frag…’ He thought as he felt something pierce his neck and he fell in the dark, but not before seeing Rhinox’s shocked and angry faceplates as he understood why the preds where here and then, when he fell back as the tranquilizer took effect, the snarling faceplates of the Dinobot’s transmetal clone holding him. ‘That was why I didn’t saw him coming in…’

“Dinobot…” he managed to say before going into shut-down. “Don’t do dis… I beg ya…”

And he knew nothing more for a long time.